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Tales of Old Chilton

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Published in 1978 in celebration of the Centennial year for the City of Chilton, the book chronicles the early years of Chilton and surrounding communities such as Hayton, Gravesville, Stockbridge and Brant, during the late 1800’ and early 1900’s .


Details about Moses and Catherine Stanton the founders of Chilton, along with articles about other early prominent citizens critical in the growth of our community.  Snip-its of old newspaper clippings, a map of Chilton in 1878, and many great pictures that gives a look into the past, as well as descriptions of businesses, homes and community organizations.

A great read and resource for those interested in the history of our community and years by gone.

Copy’s are available at Friederichs Abstract and Title Service 28 W Main St Chilton for $20.00 or below shipped for $25.00

This local history book is 303 pages in length.  It was published in 1978 by Dorothy Mayer, Elaine Doxtator Raddatz and William Leach and reprinted in 2008 with 32 page addendum by George Ecker.


This book covers the history of Calumet County’s first county seat. It describes how Stockbridge, the land around it and Lake Winnebago were formed by glaciers. It tells the of the Stockbridge Indians and their tragic “trail of tears.” It also tells about a planned community called “The Village of St Catherine” that never got a start and why Stockbridge earned the title of “Sturgeon Capital of the World.” You will find all of this and much more information in this soft cover book. 


$25.00 including shipping

The Stockbridge Story

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New Chilton Tales

Published in 2001, a continuation of the history of Chilton, with additional historical information about the area.  This book covers more specific people, and organizations located in Chilton, such as mayors of Chilton, community leaders who helped shape the recent history of our town, vital businesses, schools,  and agriculture. As in the Old Tales of Chilton, there are many great pictures to help transport you back in time. This book is a great companion piece to the first book.

Copy’s are available at The Chilton Public Library Chilton or shipped for $25.00

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A German Bohemian Immigration:  The Population Shift from Western Bohemia to Calumet County, Wisconsin 

By Joan Naomi Steiner, Ph.D.


A simple family history research project evolved into a detailed examination of a significant German Bohemian immigration to Calumet County in eastern Wisconsin for author Joan Naomi Steiner, PhD. Highlighted by scores of family names that populate northeastern Wisconsin to this day, A German Bohemian Immigration provides context to a wealth of information compiled from sources in Germany and the Czech Republic.

The area of western Bohemia, located in today’s Czech Republic, in which these families resided saw an end to feudalism at roughly the same time as Wisconsin earned statehood in 1848.
These changes brought about high hopes for a better life on both sides of the Atlantic, leading to a steady stream of German Bohemian emigrants that lasted for several decades.

A German Bohemian Immigration: The Population Shift from Western Bohemia to Calumet County, Wisconsin by [Joan Naomi Steiner]See the source image

St John, A Journey Through Its History 1862-2015

By Donna Kees Hanson


The history of St. John, Wisconsin is a full-size 424 page book.  It contains the history of the church and its surrounding town as well as a genealogy section of the town’s earliest settlers.


Photos, in both black and white and color, help tell the stories of the town and its people.


This book is available for purchase for $30 plus shipping (if required). Please e-mail the author for more information.

This book are available for purchase at the Ariens Museum.

109 Calumet St
Brillion, WI 54110


The History of the Brillion Iron Works

Sherwood-From A Clearing In The Woods

By Paul Preissner




Avaible at:


High Cliff State Park


Dicks Family Foods– Sherwood

High Cliff-Community by the Shore

By Bernita Funk