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Local Historical Articles

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We have all probably seen Antique Photo Postcards or otherwise known as Real Photo Postcards (RPPC) in our grandmother’s attic, at antique shops or museums. The first documented photo

Cameras & Postcards

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Beer & Brewing

There were two large breweries located in Chilton. Becker Brewery was located on what is now 220 West Main Street. The original buildings were built by J. Paulus around 1860.

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Mail Order Homes

Well just grab your Sears and Roebuck catalog and start looking for ideas.  Yes, Sears and Roebuck. From 1908 to 1940 about 100,000 houses were sold through Sears Modern Home

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Kossman Dairy History Recalled at Museum

One of the updates at the Calumet County Historical Museum during the past year was the completion of a dedication to and recognition of a man who made history in the county and well

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History of Gravesville WI

Leroy Graves built a saw mill in 1849 along the Manitowoc River and other settlers soon followed. The settlement was known as Lodi, from

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Klinkner Park History

The other day sitting in my car at the Walgreen's parking lot as I wait for my son to pick up his prescriptions, I gazed across the intersection of Hwy 151

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Chilton Post Office Mural

Chilton Post Office was built in 1938 and designed in the Georgian Re-vival style. The building was added to the National Register of Historical Places on October 24, 2000. However, it isn't the building

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The Old Grist Mill

This simple shape of the circle has been used to symbolize life, and eternity. So it is fitting that (2) simple stones shaped in a circle have given life to so many

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Take me to out to the ball game!

Did you know that at one time Calumet County had a connection to Major League baseball? The Chicago White Sox organization had a baseball camp for boys located in Calumet County.  

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Prisoners of World War II

Chilton Camp 1945

Toward the end of World War II, prisoners of war camps were established in 1944 and 1945 at 34 locations in Wisconsin for members of Germany's military who were captured during the conflict.

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Chilton Schuetzenverein

Located at the Calumet County Fair Grounds

A Schuetzenverein is a Germanic shooting society with traditions that go back to medieval times.  Annual shooting competitions crowned the winner “Schützenkönig” or king of the Schuetzen (marksmen)

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Researched by Debbie Barany This phrase generally brings to mind a delightful dessert that all who love chocolate can’t resist. However, on November 25, 1922 in Jericho, Wisconsin, that phrase was quite literal. The following are a few articles from the Chilton Times Journal about the murder of Mrs. Frank Schneider.

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Martha Winifred Sweet Bonfils

If we look into the history of Chilton, and the surrounding communities we learn about the many fascinating stories of people who where born and raised in our part of Wisconsin. They left our

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Calumet County Mural Initiative

This past year (2019) The Calumet County Historical Society had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Artist James Barany, a native of Chilton, Wisconsin. Through the many talents of James and his ambitious efforts to write and apply

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Horse Wagon

Back in 1971, Ralph and Judi Brill bought their first team of Belgian horses. On day I was talking to Herman Pagel.

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The Wacky History of  Spectro-Chrome Therapy By: Lydia Arnoldussen 

How would you respond if a doctor today told you to use colored light to cure a disease?

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Chilton’s Gargoyle

Chilton’s whimsical gargoyle sat high atop 13 E Main Street in Chilton for many years.

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WM Bechlem Tailor

by Debbie Barany

Pictured here is a business that has pretty much disappeared from our modern society. However, at

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Calumet County Historical Society’s Music Display

By Tom Schneider 

Music has always played a very important part in our lives. Especially in our area

1922 Gold Class Ring Returned to Family! By Jake Follis

This summer, we decided to visit my brother, Monte, and his family in Chilton. As Monte and I discussed plans in advance of the trip, he suggested that I bring my metal detectors so that we could go hunting

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The Tragic Service of Captain Hiram Gibbs By Stuart W. Sanders

Director of Research & Collections Kentucky Historical Society


First published at


When the Civil War erupted, Gibbs did not initially enlist. Instead, in August 1862, the forty-year-old farmer joined the 21st Wisconsin Infantry Regiment at nearby Chilton.

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Update to this story

Steege Family's Street

Names in Chilton

By Ray Mueller

Calumet County Historical Society


Ever wonder about the origin of a set of four street names in Chilton starting with the letter “D” – all common first names? The four – Diane, Donna, and Doug streets and Debra Court –

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Calumet County Weeklies

Share a Storied History

By Ray Mueller

Calumet County Historical Society


Since 1857, there have been 16 different weekly newspapers published in Calumet County but only one of them remains in business today under its original name.

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