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Our Museum features two buildings filled with articles from around Calumet County that features things that hard working people used every day to make life just a little easier Free

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Gathered from

the Community

This is a historic film the Chilton Kiwanis Club commissioned in order to show what Chilton and the surrounding areas were like in 1938. In nearly 90 minutes of film you will see people living a typical, small town life as it was lived just before World War II. It is hard to know if the Kiwanis of 1938 knew what they were doing to preserve Chilton area history, but we do know that the Kiwanis of 1999 knew what they were doing when they spent their time and money to research the people and events in the film. They then added narration to the original silent film to bring it up -to-date for VHS and DVD copies. In 2015 many of these same Kiwanis members made another important decision to allow the Calumet County Historical Society to bring this film to you by way of our Website

Chilton Movie 1938 

Brillion Early History 

by The Brillion Historical Society

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As part of Chuck Schuknecht’s  history class these students over a few year created a then current sequel to the wonderful film 1938. See how things have changed from 1938, 1997,1998 and 1999

Chilton Film 1997 

Marilyn Hintz, Jill Wunrow & Kristy Mayer

Chilton Film 1998          

Kelly Meyer & Peggy Loose

Chilton Film 1999

Erica Rabida, Rachel Fox & Caralyn Smith      

Chilton Film 1999
Chilton Film 1998 Part 1
Chilton Film 1998 Part 2
Chilton Film 1997 Part 1
Chilton Film 1997 Part 2
Chilton Film 1997 Part 3

Student Versions of Chilton Film

Bicycle Trip Around Lake Winnebago

by Langdon Divers


This is a story that Langdon Divers put together of pictures from of his bicycle trips around Lake Winnebago from the early 1920’s and then revisited in the 1980’s with then current photos of some of the same places and narrated my him. Most of the video takes place in Calumet County and visits Stockbridge Harbor, Calumet County Park, High Cliff State Park and the roller coaster at Waverly Beach.


This video is available at the Fond du Lac Public Library and is also home to the Langdon Divers Gallery that is names in his honor

Bicycle Trip Around Lake Winnebago

St Mary’s Chilton Cemetery walk 6-15-2003

Bridges of Calumet County


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Sherwood Wide A Wake 4-H Club in the 1930's and early 40's. Other old video from Sherwood and High Cliff Park in the 50's and 60's

Sherwood Video from the late 1930’s

Breaking Bread in the Holyland

A Visitors Guide to the Holyland

Created by, a division of the Calumet County Resource Management Department, in cooperation with the Fond du Lac Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. 2013

This guide includes great pictures and history of the Holyland as  well

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The Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder provides free online access to over 38,000 aerial photographs of Wisconsin from 1937-41. These photographs were originally acquired by the US Department of Agriculture. As part of a three-year project funded by the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, these photographs were scanned, indexed, and made web-accessible through a map-based interface. These photographs are available for download by any user without fee or use restrictions. Collaborators on the Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder project include the Wisconsin State Cartographers Office, The Arthur H. Robinson Map Library, the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Calumet County Historic

Aerial Image 1937-1941

Links on the Legendary 1969 Chilton Tigers

”Undefeated, Unscored Upon Season”

1969 Chilton football team celebrates 50 years since undefeated, unscored upon season
Socal Media reference in 2021

Chilton High School  Demolition


9-22-2003 to 5-6-2004 By  Chuck Schuknecht

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The CACS has done an wonderful job of collecting and making available old photos from all the parishes that now make up the Chilton Area Catholic School system. You will find a lot of historic  class photos.

Historical Alumni Pages

Wisconsin Historical Markers

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As a non-profit public power utility,  they have one main purpose — to provide customers with the best services at the lowest possible cost.

New Holstein Utilities History  1912 to today

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Calumet County & The Civil War

by Debbie Barany

Manorette History

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Windmill Project

By Mike Pichee

The History of the Calumet County Fair

Russell Gasch in 1984 wrote a great report on the history of the Calumet County Fair with wonderful details back to 1856.

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This is a slide show of a collection of documents and photos that we have on the Electrification of Chilton and some background history of Wisconsin Public Service

Electrification of Chilton

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RootsWeb page on Calumet County

By Debie Blindauer

Looking Back

By Herb Buhl

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Short History of Calumet County & Communities

By Debbie Barany

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Photo Collection

By Herb Buhl

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Msg Francis Heimermann


Hipke Glass Negative

Collection #1499

Beulah Griem

Collection #1226

Rick Mueller Photo

Collection #1846

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State Bank of Chilton Calendars

In the Spirit of by-gone days by Rod Rank

Collected by Herb Buhl #5436

People–by Randy Bishop

Collected by Herb Buhl #5479


Randy Bishop wrote a column for the Chilton Times-Journal from about Febuary 2000 to August 2001.

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Know Your Town Better-Chilton

Collected by Herb Buhl #5431


These articles ran in the Chilton Times-Journal weekly from Oct. 7, 1948 until June 15, 1950.

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Collected by Herb Buhl #5482


Columns in the Chilton Times Journal, beginning Nov. 2, 1972 to Apr. 12, 1973

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Schoolhouse Research & Photo Project

Collected & Researched by Herb Buhl #5482


Herb collected photos and details on one room schoolhouses in Calumet County.  This project is displayed at the Calumet County Historical Society Museum.

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Chilton Mayors


Collected by Herb Buhl #5534

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FROM OUR GARAGE TO THE WORLD-Take a walk through time and 14,000 square feet of exhibition space. See a full-scale replica of Henry Ariens’ garage and vintage equipment like the Model A Tiller and the first Sno-Thro®.

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Ariens®  Company Museum

On November 13, 2005, the church doors of St. Martin Catholic Church was closed to worship, but the vitality of the community within stood strong.A small group of former parish members formed a non-profit organization in an effort to purchase the property and save its 140 years of heritage. The Green Bay Diocese deeded the property of St. Martin Heritage Park – Charlestown, Inc. on December 28, 2006. And the plan began to make the property into a new self-sufficient Park.

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Nick Bruehl collection is available for viewing from the Oshkosh Public Museum. Bruehl  died in New Holstein on December 30, 1958 at the age of 78. The old dark room in his house was filled with thousands of negatives and prints. Carlton Schmitt purchased the Bruehl estate and gave the negatives to his brother Milton. The Oshkosh Public Museum originally acquired the collection of almost 1500 glass and nitrate negatives through a loan in 1980.

Nick Bruehl-Sherwood

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The Heritage Museum at St. Martin Heritage Park

Top Cheesemaker Awards Calumet County Fair:   1950-1986                                 by Paul  Vassalotti

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Dirt Track Racing at the Calumet County Fair-1966

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