Calumet County Historical

Society Museum

Our Museum features two buildings filled with articles from around Calumet County that features things that hard working people used every day to make life just a little easier Free

Museum open June-Sept Sundays 1:00-4:00

Museum Admission is Free!!

Calumet County Historical Society Museum

Covid-19 Policy for the 2020 Museum Season

 Please respect social distancing with others:

 We have 2 large buildings on 2 acres of land so itís easy to keep 6 feet of distance from others. If necessary, we will direct visitors to less populated locations on our grounds.

 We are a museum with free admission. However, we do require registration when you enter.

 We have single use forms and clean pens for you to use. Please feel free to supply your own if you would prefer.

 Registration consists of giving your name, address, email address and the number of people in your party. Your information will be kept confidential.

 There will be hand sanitizer at the front counter when you register.

 Your visit to our museum can be a no touch experience if you choose.

 We do not have bathroom facilities with running water, so please plan accordingly.

 Please stay at home if you are not feeling well

 Masks are not required, but welcome if you choose to use them. This is true for both visitors and volunteers.